McClung Museum offers ‘Mindfulness at museum’ – Knoxville News Sentinel

Mindfulness and meditation are accepted in the medical practice as a powerful alternative treatment for clinical depression and other mood disorders. Make the decision to get over clinical depression and learn how mindfulness and meditation can help you.

Knoxville News SentinelMcClung Museum offers ‘Mindfulness at museum’Knoxville News SentinelThe McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture at the University of Tennessee is dubbing July “A Month of Mindfulness.” Museum guests can step out of the heat and hustle of summer on Fridays and into the museum for an hour of guided meditation, ……McClung Museum offers ‘Mindfulness at museum’ – Knoxville News Sentinel

Mindfulness meditation brings you freedom from pain by helping you find a sense of peace and acceptance within yourself. Being mindful has to do with observing exactly what’s going on within and around you in the present . It’s an excellent skill that you can develop to help you become more appreciative of what you already have in the present .

Want to feel and look more youthful? A lot of long term meditators say that they feel and look much more youthful than their age. Find out how to meditate from the list of related topics below.


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