Self-Help Strategies for Stress and anxiety

Whenever you find yourself in an anxiety-inducing
situation, it is very important that you’re able
to learn how to calm yourself. Some of the self-soothing techniques to help you feel less
stressed and anxious include deep breathing meditation techniques and positive self-talk. It’s
helpful to make an effort to establish positive coping
skills for depression and anxiety. You might possibly find
it useful to jot down your worries to
help you let go of them.

Realize that it
is essential to live a healthy lifestyle in order to help
you maintain a healthy mind and body. If
you want to beat depression and
, it’s important to engage in regular exercise, eat a healthy diet, and
to get yourself a proper amount of sleep at night.

Another self-help technique for anxiety is to practice relaxation techniques, such as progressive muscle
relaxation, yoga and the mindfulness meditation technique.
Realise that it’s well worth your effort
and time to learn mindfulness meditation. You can either choose to
learn by yourself at home, or learn in a group setting by
joining a
mindfulness training course.


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