Stem-cell transplant eases symptoms of rare 'stiff person syndrome': study

Playing a video game is an excellent way to minimize your stress, as it is fun and will certainly take your mind off of your problems. Invite a couple of close friends over and play a board game, and after the enjoyment, serve dinner and dessert. This will certainly serve as a wonderful form of alleviation to your hectic day.

Canadian doctors have begun using stem cell transplants to treat "stiff person syndrome," a rare neurological condition in which a patient’s leg and other muscles suddenly contract painfully, often leaving them immobilized like a tin soldier. The disorder, which aff…Stem-cell transplant eases symptoms of rare 'stiff person syndrome': study

Do not combat versus the things that are in your life that stress you out that you could not stay away from. If you accept the reality that those points are in your life to remain, you make sure to discover that you are high less pressured about them all of the moment. Approval is necessary in these situations.

Here’s more cool stuff about stress symptoms


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